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Friday, June 03, 2011

Gesture Controlled Music Player cum Watch

Currently we are using motion sensor mobiles and gadgets that responds to our kinetic movements. The same concept is extended to music players too. 'Beat', the gesture controlled music player can be controlled by our bodily kinetic movements so that its controls are operated by hand. Just twist the wrist left side to play next song and right side to play the previous song and so on. To do so, the device is provided with a finger ring  that is sync with the moments of the hand. Also this can be used as a handy digital watch and which looks stylish and trendy. The player is provided with three distinct DJ modes to suit the occasion. So, what are you waiting for? Jump and grab soon!!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

LifeBook Tablet PC Concept

LifeBook is a tablet PC concept with stunning capabilities that I doubt will beat Apple iPad 2. The features this tablet holds are the best ever comparable to any gadget designed till now. Technology is leaping forward continuously delivering the best of it from time to time. And this tablet is of no exception. Even we are dumbstruck at this gadget right now, we shift our opinions sooner. This is the world we are living. See the full post to unveil its features!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Flexible Laptop in the World from FUJITSU

Previously, I have have written an article about 'Triple fold Notebook'. While writing on that, I wondered how the electronic gadgets are being scaled. But this laptop from FUJITSU made me flattered. This design is really outstanding. The laptop you are being witnessed is the world's flexible laptop ever made with excellent ergonomics. It can be folded any way you desire. When folded completely, it will take the size of a DVD case. It has many cool features like waterproof keypad, swappable rubber skins with dazzling colors, 21:9-180 degree swivel touchscreen that make it an eBook, tablet and notebook in one go.

Kitchen waste helps you to cook Food

Recycling is the concept of creating something out of nothing. We can make use of junk material by creating something useful out of it. And this system didn't leave even kitchen junk go waste. Electrolux, a good manufacturer of home appliances designed this kitchen biodigester named Celsius. All this can do is, it can convert the kitchen waste which is organic into heat energy which in turn can be used to cook the food. For this purpose,  the device is equipped with 3 accessories for heating, boiling and juicing purposes. 

Photosynthetic Shirts

Sunlight is essential energy for green plants to prepare their food through photosynthesis. This is childhood science concept and everyone remembers it. But now I am saying this because, science reached fashion here. Based on this concept, one guy designed shirts based on photosynthesis UV technology. So, under the sun the shirts showcases green trees on the surface and off the sun, it fades away. Innovative!!

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