Thursday, December 12, 2013

Invisible Camera


Wearable gadgets are being scaled down extensively as the technology is leaping forward. And here is another example of a miniature 2 piece camera. I don't think we can call it an actual camera because you can't see anything related to the name and hence it is an invisible camera. This is Air Clicker.
Basically Air Clicker is a wearable camera which has two modules that should be worn to our thumb and fore finger. Camera module is worn on the thumb and shutter module on the fore finger. Position your fingers like you hold the actual camera to capture photos in the photo mode. If you bend the fingers slightly like you are holding a video camera to enter in to the video mode to shoot a video. Release your fingers to save the video and it will be saved to your smartphone. Air Clicker can be coordinated with your smart phone via Bluetooth and the photos or videos you capture will be saved to your smart phone directly. This camera system will not have any lens to preview any sight you capture and hence you will get the 'invisible' feeling while you operate it.


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