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Friday, April 29, 2011

Creative Clocks Collection-Part 1

The ultimate clock collection you have never seen anywhere. These clock designs are created by hundreds of designers that have reflected their creativity. See, share and enjoy.

Phone which translates to your Language

It's a great breakthrough when every person including blind, deaf and dumb people can be able to use the essence of technology. Unless, the technological advancements we achieved till now will be of no use. Mobile phone manufacturers generally use some techniques to overcome these up to some extent. One example is, we can feel a bulge dot in the center of the phone keypad (on the 5 button). This ensures that blind people too can use the basic features of the phone. What about dumb and deaf people who cannot hear the conversation and make the conversation? Transducer Mobile phone is the boon to such kind of people which can translate the conversation to any kind of language (known languages) including sign language. So people with disabilities too can make use of mobile phone to the fullest. 

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