Tuesday, October 26, 2010

18 Super bikes Of The Future

This post is dedicated to all die hard lovers of bikes. Designers unveiled the designs and prototypes of the next generation bikes that burn the tracks. Collected from various resources, these bikes looks really heart racing. We can't do except waiting for these designs to hit the track!! 

Tron Legecy Light Cycle Concept

Ferrari Motorcycle Concept

Leo Motorcycle Concept

Pendolauto Bike Concept

Puma Motorcycle Concept

Axial 3 Wheels Motorcycle Concept

Embrio One-Wheeled Motorcycle Concept

Poshwatta Motorcycle Concept

ICare Motorcycle Concept

Honda Club Motorcycle Concept

Yamaha Tesseract 4 wheeled Motorcycle

Fallout Motorcycle Concept

Jaguar Motorcycle Concept

Red Bull Motorcycle Concept

Machine Fly, The Flying Motorcycle

Agorapode Concept Superbike

Moonrider Flying Bike

Hornet Superbike Concept


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