Friday, August 26, 2011

Top 25 Architectural wonders from 2011 Skyscraper Competition

Developing our habitat cleverly in this highly populated globe is much essential to save space and resources. Keeping this in mind, an International Skyscraper Competition was held this year and design prototypes are invited from renowned designers and architects from all over the globe. Three designs were declared as winners for their magnanimous effort and contribution. Browse the extraordinary architectural wonders submitted by world class engineers and architects.

 RANK #1
LO2P: Delhi Recycling Center by Atelier CMJN, Julien Combes and Gael Brule
LO2P is designed New Delhi, India which is a very populated and polluted metropolitan. This wheel like structure is made from recycled old cars which purifies surrounding air and generate some energy which in turn converted to bio fuels.

Rank #2
Flat Tower by Yoann Mescam & Xavier Bonnans
The Flat tower will be constructed as a roof where green plantations will be grown. And that will be covered with solar panels to generate energy from sunlight. Centralized transportation system will be present between all the units to connect as one. 

Rank #3
Re-imagining the Hoover dam by Yhew-Shen Chua
Right now Hoover dan can be viewed as a bridge and gallery. But it can also be utilised as a habitat in which  a centralized acquarium can be developed to attract visitors.

Other Best Entries

NeoTax: The 3D City by Studio DMTW

Poro City: Rehabiliation for Mumbai, India by Khushalani Associates

Fish Tower by Hsing-O Chiang

Sports Tower by Sergiy Prokof yev & Olga Prokof yev

Tourist City Skyscraper by Francisco Villeda and team

Rhizome Tower: A thousand underground plateaus

Borough No.6 NewYork City by John Houser

Floating olympic Complex by Andrew Chow Wai tat

North Pole Skyscraper: A trading post for the world's Freight Industry

Waste Collecter Skyscraper by Agata Sander & Tomek Kujawski

Hopetel: Transitional High-Rise Housing by Asaf Dali

Seeds of Life Skyscraper by Osama Mohammed Elghannam and team.

Living Mountain: Solving overpopulation by Ann-Maria Simatou

Tree of Life Skyscraper by Svirid Denis & Gudzenko Anastasiya

Hydra Skyscraper by Milos Vlastic and Team

Oil platforms transformed into Sustainable Seascrapers by Youngwan kim and team

Elevated Connectivity by Adam Nagagoshi & Thao Nguyen

Rolin and Tumble: Amusement Park for Times Square by Dalho Yang

Barbed wire Skyscraper by Hyunbeom Cho and Team.

Kinetic Skyscraper by Victor Kopieikin & Palvo Zabotin

Coalesce Skyscraper by Justin Oh

Chemboyl Skyscrapers Network by Mengni Zhang

White Cloud Skyscraper by Adrian Vincent Kumar & Yun Kong Sung

Singapore Waterfront by Glorgi Khmaladze


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