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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Movable Building!!

Static buildings are known buildings till now and we can't imagine a movable building can be developed. Now, the dream became reality. World's first movable building was installed in Turku. It is a three storey building made of patented steel panels. Every thing can be detached after use. I mean we can relocate ourselves along with our apartment to any where.

Waterfalls can show you wonders!

We know how water falls can do wonders at amusement parks and laser shows. These illuminated water falls are proven wonders in the night lights and there will be no one who hates to see them. But this water fall is entirely different from the ones we are using and enjoying till now. This water fall is capable of displaying different patterns, shapes and even time too! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mobile Kitchen from Electrolux

Kitchen meets technology! With Electrolux Mobile kitchen, campers can enjoy delicious food anywhere on the go. This mobile kitchen is just a laptop with space for induction stove instead of keyboard. The touch screen helps to cook different recipes on the go and you can try custom dishes from the internet. A cutting board is also provided for cutting vegetable and all.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Angry Birds Speakers Collection

Love Angry Birds? Searching web for any collection of Angry Birds toys? Here you go. Angry Birds speakers are out. What are you waiting for? Decorate your room with Angry Birds speakers now!!

Clip-On 3D Glasses from LG

People who need to wear glasses continuously due to vision problem finds difficulty in watching 3D films. Because they should wear glasses on glasses to experience 3D. Its quite inconvenient and clumsy. Really, now its a gift from LG as it developed a clip-on 3D glasses. These are nothing but 3D glasses but it contains clip instead of frame. Just clip it to the glasses you wear while watching 3D movie. More convenient and more fun!! You can own it for just $20.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wireless Air Keyboard

Air keyboard is designed with the concept of integrating mouse and keyboard in the single device, that is keyboard. Yes the keyboard is functional as mouse too. The movements of the keyboard can be detected wireless by the computer and the mouse cursor can be navigated on the screen. This keyboard which is developed by Cideko has additional multimedia capabilities such as headset and microphone. This rechargeable keyboard is compatible with all kind of systems. 

Friday, September 09, 2011

Water Purifying Raincoat

A very creative concept, this raincoat holds. Purifying rain water instantly is literally a strange but useful concept for those who lacks pure water in their territory. This raincoat can collect some amount of rain water with the help of tall collars and can be purified via some built-in charcoal filters and some sort of chemical purification.

Control TV with your Brain

Last year, I have written similar article Control phone with your Brain. It is a headset like wearable device which enables controlling phone with your brain. But that was a concept. Now it became a product with enhanced features. Now with this device, you can control all kind of electronic devices. 

Glasses-Free 3D Experience from Sony

To view a film in 3D, some sort of glasses are required because the glasses brings together the two different frames in the movie as one to present you a dramatic 3D experience. But wearing 3D glasses always is not suitable to some people and it is inconvenient too.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Eat 2 Meet Video Conferencing Device

Eat2Meet is an unique way of communication between two people. It is a video conferencing device where two people possessing this device can communicate through this. But you should use this only at dinner time while eating. This can bring the feel of having dinner with your beloved ones together though they are miles apart. 

ECO 07: The Portable Bicycle

Eco // 07 is an urban bicycle designed so that it can be transported with ease as well as in compacted space.  This one is a stylish bicycle which can be unwrapped into parts which can be kept in a case and you can take it along. The wheel is designed in six modules having double pivots in each joint so that they can be folded down easily. The spoke in the wheel are fit in a different fashion and they can be unfolded too. You can see the sequence of images how this bicycle can be unfolded that saves space for transportation.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Finger Reader Allows you read with your Finger!

Finger Reader is very beneficial aid for blind people. It lets you to know about the specifications of the products you purchase which have bar code. Finger Reader is the set of a finger cap device and a Bluetooth headset. When the finger device is placed on the bar code of any product, its price, specifications and reviews will be revealed and can be listened through  the Bluetooth headset. 

Inkling from Wacom

Though we got many tools, software, HD cameras to capture and design beautiful images, still we get fascinate by seeing hand made arts and paintings. That is the power of art! But we can experience these paintings only once a while in art galleries somewhere some time. What if you have a device which has a capability to convert your images or your drawings into digital format while you can edit them? Wacom designed same device called 'Inkling' which can digitize your drawings in the same appearance. 

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Movable Urinal System for Handicapped

Urination for handicapped is a very difficult process. For them a new kind of urinals have been designed. This is called movable urinal system. With this, the person in wheel chair can complete his urination without even moving from his chair. He can take the urinal into his hand and replace it in its position after his completion. Very useful system for handicapped. 

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