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Friday, November 25, 2011

Creative Guitar Collection

People who cannot see things normal always design creative stuff that blows our mind. Here is the collection of transformed electric guitar sculptures developed by Yoshihiko Satoh from Japan. 

Unique and Creative Bike Collection

Bike riders cannot drive same kind of bikes for long. They need new designs with stunning features. They will be much more fascinated by the designer series which comes to market very rarely. These kind of bikes appear very creative and unique among other bikes. You might have seen many of these unique bikes but these are the recent collection which you may not explored yet. 

USB Mail Alert for Laptops!

Previously, we get mails or letters manually and after the introduction of emails, we have no alerts that we got a mail. Recently smart phones overcame that problem as we are getting mail alerts in the device itself. What if we can get mail alerts for our laptops? Google mail (GMail) has a mail alert feature that was introduced recently called as 'Desktop Notifications'. That means if we are away from gmail window, we get a pop up notification stating that a mail has come. 

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Personal Flying Vehicle!

Technology provided us everything. It has changed a lot of our lifestyle. But if we have a personal transportation mode in the sky, there will be no issues of traffic to go to our office in the mornings, we can reach our destination fast and with comfort. German company E-Volvo desogned a working prototype of a personalised flying helicopter type vehicle called Multicopter. With this vehicle the driver can sit comfortably and can take of an land similar to a helicopter. A simple joystick can control all the movements.

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