Thursday, August 19, 2010

Digital Reflex Camera

Many miniature cameras are being developed by so many manufacturers across the world. We are currently experiencing the digital era which has all the products digitized. And the cameras are eye catching and awesome with stunning features and unbelievable technologies. Starting from an ordinary flashlight camera which is capable of taking a little snap of the view to the highly featured digital camera which can capture the distance of hundreds of meters and face recognition technologies, we crossed many kinds of digicams. And this one I am showing you is a digital reflex camera (DSLR) which can create you an entirely different experience of photography.

How To Use:

The exciting feature of this camera is, you need not hold the camera at your eye. Instead, just keep it near your stomach or hang it to your neck like a tourist. This is possible only because the camera is curved at an angle so that it can show you images at your knee level. Another one is, the users need not bend over the camera to see what you have recorded. You can sit comfortably and watch like you watch mobile phone. And lastly, when you turn the camera, its interface screen turns the image to display mode and the image will be rotated 180 degrees for the observers.

Designer: Yaniv Berg


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