Saturday, August 21, 2010

Know the Time by Counting Ants

Hanging Time pieces gone, Analog watches gone, Digital watches gone and the stage is set for a new trend watch There is no hours hand, no minutes hand, no seconds hand. There are only ants in the watch. Sounds strange isn't it? But it is true. You can doubt that how can we know the time by counting ants? And what is this ants concept related to a watch? Read the rest of this entry to know more.

Ants are nothing but LED signals that are generated internally. As the existing watches contain 3 kinds of counting hands hours, minutes, seconds hand to represent hours, minutes and seconds respectively. In the same way, this watch contains ants of 3 colors to represent hours, minutes and seconds. You can refer the examples how to see the time. Knowing time by this way seems difficult but it is extraordinary. Te selling price of this watch is $207.

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