Sunday, August 22, 2010

Marionette Hanging Clock

Korean designer Jongchul Kim is very much passionate about designing many kind of conceptual watches since his childhood. His previous designs include Robotic hands clock and Bungee jump mint clock. His latest design is yet another conceptual and much mechanical too. It is Marionette Hanging Clock. It has only one hand to indicate time and two toy creatures moving in their unicycles to move the hand. You may become fascinated by viewing this time piece. Because it is worth fascinating!!


This Marionette hanging clock comprises of a couple of Mint boys each riding on a string using unicycles. These mint boys suspend the time hand that indicates time. By moving on the strings this clock shows the time by varying the length of the string.Another interesting fact is that you can manufacture this clock in different sizes that you can suspend this clock between two buildings too.

Designer: Jongchul Kim.


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