Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Microsoft eVouse Mouse

Computer peripherals are taking their shape differently day by day. The era where a Mouse functions differently have been passed. Instead, mice which looks differently are creating hype in the computer market. We have got a different mouse which serves for multi purposes. This mouse from Microsoft works not only as a normal mouse but also as a digital recognition pen used to make various design prototypes. As you see the mouse, it is designed specifically for designers. This is a wireless mouse which can be used for laptops. It also functions as a pen sensor which can create 3D designs. This mouse which adopts eVouse concept is defineatly a specifical gadget.

This mouse is very much convenient in operating with a laptop. Also we have been using tablet devises to make our design needs simpler upto now. But from now, we can switch to a mouse to satisfy our design needs. This evouse mouse paves the way to create design prototypes enabled by a sensor in its front.

Designer: Marcial Ahsayane


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