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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

18 Super bikes Of The Future

This post is dedicated to all die hard lovers of bikes. Designers unveiled the designs and prototypes of the next generation bikes that burn the tracks. Collected from various resources, these bikes looks really heart racing. We can't do except waiting for these designs to hit the track!! 

Tron Legecy Light Cycle Concept

Transformable Window Phone

Coming as a competitor to the existing touch screen phones that are making huge impact now, this window phone possesses all the prerequisite features to dash. The main feature of this phone is that this phone is a true transparent phone. You can look through this actually. Resembling a crystal piece, this gadget looks really sexy. Major disadvantage of this phone is the manufacturer did not specified external sockets for enhancements etc. And though, there are many additional features like changing its look according to the surrounding climatic conditions. Have a look, you'll die to own this.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eye Catching Deep Sea Sculptures

Art and Creativity does not come to a stop and has no limitation. Your jaws will drop if you checkout these amazing underwater sculptures. Developed under Mexican waters, these are the Talk of Mexico now. Many sculptors engaged for this project for several months and made these beautiful creation under water itself! According to sources of Techformation, it was known that they had striven harder to make them rely on waters. Due to wave currents they used to wash away frequently. And the sculptors tried to rebuild them. Watch all the wonderful snaps and make their creative work meaningful.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bicycle With Your Name

Don't think you know how to stick your names and signatures on your bikes and bicycles. What I am showing you is entirely different. These are the bicycles that are made with your desired name itself!! The concept is really creative. These  cycle concepts are now very famous in foreign countries. People are looking for creative designs always and this concept is mesmerizing and affordable too. So what do you think guys? I am wondering how it would look like, the bicycle with my name 'Sainath". And one thing, do not get shocked that these are without pedals and riding equipment. These are just designs now. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Nokia Phone that Charges By Body Heat

This is really fantastic!! We are aware of many modes of charging the phones in recent times. The recent concept phone by Nokia is phone charging through soft drink or sugar water. But technology and innovation never ceases. A new concept phone is developed by Nokia now which we can charge the phone by the heat of our body. That indicates there is no need from now on to take with us charger every time we go out. This phone has the technology to convert the little heat energy from out body to sufficient electrical energy. Just keep the phone in contact to you to recharge your phone's battery!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

4 in 1 Study Chair

Convenience and peacefulness is essential for any student to study and concentrate comfortably. A study chair is much preferred to other means by most of the students. In ultra modern families there are many sources to accommodate many kinds of furniture. But a common student may not afford many things. And in places like apartments there is little space to accommodate many items. But if you use Curv you can forget all these parameters and you can use all kinds of furniture with one thing. You can use Curv as a dining table, as a study chair, as a relaxing cocoon and as a chair and table.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Techformation ShowCase Of the Month: Sep 12 to Oct 12 2010

Thanks a bunch to every reader of Techformation for your gigantic support. Techformation reached its blogging journey to second successful month. We completed our second month with full pace and passion. Though the number of posts are reduced in this month, we received tremendous response. This month we got so many sponsors and Techformation crawled to heights in Alexa Rankings. We have published a total of 13 posts among 38 categories this month. Please apolozize for reduction of posts, but you will never miss a bit in the coming future.


Typical E-Book Reader

E-Book Reader is most common term now a days. We are accustomed to digital reading. We are reading books in mobile phones too. We have many kinds of digital reading sources in the market in numerous attractive designs. Apple Ipad is the latest awesome product which will provide a beautiful digital reading experience. E book readers are available in touch and non touch devices. But you can experience the normal kind of reading, like flipping pages and reviewing back. If you feel that you are missing these kind of features, this E book is for you. You can experience normal book reading in digital format. 

MP3 Player with Hidden Screen

Most ipods and MP3 players in the market at present have very common design. They all look alike which represents a mobile phone if equipped with a screen. Some are in the size of match box and some are in the size of a blackberry. But the MP3 player what I am showing you is entirely different from the now existing players. This player works as music player in normal mode and if you stretch this player apart from the middle, a screen will appear and you can watch movies too!! I can't believe how such a big  OLED screen is hidden inside a triangular player!! Please guys, if you know the answer, let me know.

Wind Up the Socket to Save Energy

We charge mobile phones and electronic appliances very frequently and we forget to remove them from charging when completed. Of course I am one of them, and the electrical department is very lucky for me because I am sponsoring their salaries. And this is the general case for most of us and we got a solution now to save energy. Designers developed a new product named 'Wind Up Socket". The function of this socket is analogous to washing machines winding concept. We set a timer for a certain time to wash the clothes. In the same manner, plug in to the socket, set the time and you are done. After the specified time, the charging stops automatically. Read more to know the exact operation of this brilliant product.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Turn Off the Switch to Make it Smile!!

Don't get confused guys. The switch doesn't smile actually. Of course it smiles, but looks like it. Designers want to promote eco friendly products in this way. This switch board concept is really fantastic and the users who are using these do not want to keep the switches ON for a long time. The reason behind this is the switches look like smileys. If you turn ON the switch, it looks like feeling sad and it smiles only if you turn OFF the switch. Superb isn't it? So guys make the switch smile and so the earth too ..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Awesome 3D Art from Paper!!

Paper art is quite familiar to most of us. But we make articrafts from paper in miniature sizes and medium sizes. But can you imagine the paper art the size of a big room? And a 3D ard of course. Designer Jeff Nishinaka is an expert in making paper sculptures. You can view his wonders by viewing the full post. Really awesome.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Transform Sofa to Bed with a Click!!

We are enjoying transformable sofas in the market, which can transform into bed. The design we are experiencing now is a half fold design that is, when fold it is a sofa and when unfold it is a bed. But the latest sofa is quite different. We can roll over to use as a sofa and roll down to use as a wide and furnished bed. The innovation lies where the sofa transforms to a bed with a single click. Can't believe? Yes, it is supplied with electrical connection where you should plug in to the socket to make it work.

Robo Ride for Children

Many of us witnessed a robo vehicle in many sci-fi movies and Hollywood flicks where the rider sits on it and controls it using the gear arms and user interface. Actually many feel that such type of vehicles may be seen in 10 years from now. But a Japan company brought us right now. The design especially made for kids is brilliant and extraordinary. They can enjoy at the maximum and can experience every feature that are shown in the movies, like gripping, moving, racing, lifting and many more.

Friday, October 01, 2010

USB Clip

Just another creative design from USB makers. Those who use USB are much aware of existing designs of USB flash drives. Recent trends in USB designs occupy smart flash drives itself. I observed very slim and smart flash drives with attractive and beautiful designs. This USB paper clip comes under the same category but with added application. This smart flash drive not only functions as a USB drive but can also be used as a paper clip to hold stationery. Designed and owned by 'Verbatim', they come with really creative and useful design.

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