Friday, January 21, 2011

Solaris Sun Shading System

Environmental temperatures are increasing drastically leaving us in a situation of extinct ambiance. And many scientists are extending their hands to resolve this situation and we too must be in a position to share ours to create a hopeful climate that lasts few more centuries. Solaris concept comes to the category of reducing the usage of exhaustible fuels and others which increases temperature. SOLARIS works as a sun-shading system for the outdoor spaces: cafés, parks, beaches. It can be used by everyone who works / plays with an electronic portable device like a laptop. It is targeted at executives, students and everyone who likes the open-air.  In providing energy points, wireless connection and sun shading, SOLARIS allows you to work outside the office, promoting new experiences and creating new habits for a more sustainable and socially inclusive city landscape. So charge your electronic portable devices on the move via solar energy and thereby reducing hazardous effects of global warming.

Designer: Jose Vicente


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