Friday, March 25, 2011

12 Creative Calculator Designs

A normal person uses a device according to its specifications and usage regulations. But a geeky guy always try to screw it by modifying it into innumerable ways. He cannot see it normal. The designs that I am gonna show you were designed by those kind of people who sky rocketed their imaginations for bringing us these stunning yet innovative and purposeful designs to the market. All these are various calculator designs which are designed based on other design's inspiration. Wanna check out all these awesome designs? Then you must follow up the full post. 

Water powered Calculator | Buy it here for $10.99

Hopscotch Calculator | View it here

Flexible Calculator | Buy it here

Keyboard Calculator | Buy it here

Building Block Calculator | Buy it here for $26.99

Chocolate Calculator | Buy it here

Bamboo Calculator | View it here

Ruler Calculator cum Clock | Buy it here

Credit card Calculator | Buy it here for $8.99

X-Cool Calculator | Buy it here for $12.95

Mouse Calculator | View it here

Windows Calculator | Buy it here for $6.99


sam11 said...

Good to have different types of digital calculator

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