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Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Charging Tap


Isn't it boring if we charge our multimedia devices the usual way? Why can't we change the method? This very same idea got to one designer who conceptualized a design named 'The charging tap'. All it does is charging your multimedia devices like MP3 players, mobile phones and etc via USB cable.All you have to do is to fix the device to the wall and turn on the tap to get charged!!

5 in 1 Table Game


We have different kinds of board games but we cannot use same board for multiple games until now. Today we got a 5 in 1 board game where Foosball, Ping pong, Backgammon, Chess and Pool can be played. All the boards come in one set and one can be played at a time of your choice.

Electric ''Paper Plane'' Kit


Habits don't change, but only technology adds up. Can't get what I am saying? In our childhood we used to play with paper rockets and get fascinated by it. But kids these days are playing with the same rockets but  in addition to some technology, which resulted in Electrical Paper Planes. This paper plane kit is provided with a hook with a propeller like fan which can be clipped to the paper plane. And this can be initialized by a battery which takes your plane into the air. Recharges in 20 seconds and keeps on flying for about one and half minute.

Stanford Students Made Transparent Li-Ion Batteries


As the mobiles are changing their shape now a days, we were uncertain regarding the charging of devices. We have roller phone mobile concepts, paper thin mobile concepts and so on. But how these mobiles can be charged is the big question. I mean, mobiles generally use Lithium Ion batteries for their smooth running. And the current scalability of these batteries are about an inch or two. Thanks to one of the Stanford graduate, Yuan yang who developed Transparent Li-ion battery with his professor Yi Cui which paves the way to the future consumer electronics. This battery is paper thin [50 Microns] and transparent too.These batteries are made up of Copper, Aluminum and a special substance called Polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS). 'PDMS is dead cheap and is already being used in contact lenses and in plastic surgeries' says Yang. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dustbin cum Vaccum Cleaner


Are you tired of piling all the dust in your room after sweeping?  Of course it is some what irritating process, repeatedly bending down and sweeping the floor clean. What if the dustbin itself takes in all the dust near to it? Sounds funny but can be made possible with CUUM. It is a multipurpose household dustbin where a vacuum cleaner is inserted in the bottom. The top portion can be served as trash bin where solid waste can be dumped and the dust will be taken care of by the vacuum cleaner. Just sweep the dust near to it and you can see the dust disappear!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Skin: The Flexible Smartphone

 Samsung, after so many years is being the trendsetter currently. After its Galaxy Tab which is the huge competitor to Apple iPad 4, Samsung increased its product range predominantly. Now Samsung has come up with is new launch, Galaxy Skin which is the flexible phone possessing AMOLED technology. It can be bent and twisted at any angle. Literally, it is a kerchief. Not only flexible it is also a super slim phone. The device runs on Android.Flexy operating system which supports 3.5G and 4G networks. It is loaded with highly sophisticated features such as GPS, 1GHz application processor, 8MP auto focus camera with self shot, panorama shot and smile shot options. It is equipped with sensors for accelerometer, proximity and digital compass. The display looks magnificent with 4.0'' WVGA SUPER AMOLED (800/480) flexible type one. This phone can be used as a wrist watch, projector and many more..

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ecco: The Zero-Emission Mobile Habitat

 In the initial days, we used a vehicle just for traveling. But in the coming future, where we can't get time even to take a suite in a hotel we need a better alternative. Ecco, the conceptual mobile habitat of the future serves the purpose. It can be maneuvered not only as a vehicle but also as a temporary habitat. It is provided with a bathroom capsule, tiny kitchen, living room for 5 people with all necessary facilities such as water supply etc. Coming to looks, it appears to be an alien automobile which looks extravagant and futuristic. And the interested fact is, it is promised as a zero emission vehicle, which means it has no emission of its own and can be charged with a normal 240KW station as fuel. Alternatively, it is provided with dynamic solar panels for solar charging, in case of emergency. Sufficient space for 5 members is provided.  

Plants Cool your PC with Planter PC


Has anyone of you thought that green plants are capable of running your PC? I am sure no one of you has not. But one designer who is more concerned about our mother earth, developed a brilliant PC that can work with the energy of green plants. This PC design showcases a whole new concept in PC design. The I/O devices are common here but the processor set up differs completely. As I said this PC runs on plant energy, so basically a planter setup is required. This one is a water proof setup where provision for seeds and soil is provided. You can choose your choice of plants like creepers, flower plants etc. This planter is connected to regular processor setup in the form of slots [see the pictures]. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cave Phone from Samsung and Google


Appearing like a soap, this mobile phone is named as 'CAVE', a combined project by Samsung and Google.  The phone has a special step design with 30 deg tilted angle where QWERTY keypad is inserted. This phone is also equipped with a complete touch screen. The phone is termed as Cave because of its technology. This phone uses cloud technology for communication. This cloud technology acts as a common interface between users where all the users in the interface are joined together as in a 'cave'. Runs on Google operating system, this phone is equipped with all the essential features a smartphone must have!

Wireless Mouse with a TAIL!!


The device that helps us to select and locate something on the computer screen is named as a MOUSE because of its shape and a long wire (tail) that runs back of it.  Later on, after many years, this so called mouse has been modified in many ways. As technology is progressing, the capabilities of a mouse are increasing and we got wireless mouse too. But one manufacturer hurt a lot because the wireless mouse lost its shape because it has no tail shaped wire. So they sharpened their brains and designed a wireless mouse but with an USB tail.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Plantbook: The Oxygen Notebook

This notebook stands as a technological leap towards eco-friendly gadgets. Imagine a notebook which can be rolled and carried away. And the most important thing is it can work with oxygen which eradicates the use of electricity which in turn reduces power and is eco-friendly.
When the notebook is rolled out completely, one can find a tag like structure which is a battery indicator. Of course, charging this notebook is nothing but immersing the notebook in to a bucket of fresh water! The cylindrical part of the notebook is incorporated with the entire mechanism that can use the oxygen in the water to power up the notebook through electrolysis method. And the status of charging can be perceived via indicator tag. If water is not available to you, no worry! This thing can be charged through solar energy too! Quite impressive.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Makeup GUN

What are you people thinking it is? A gun? Of course, it is a gun but not used to kill people but used to attract people. Didn't get it? Then read the full story..

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