Sunday, July 24, 2011

Plants Cool your PC with Planter PC


Has anyone of you thought that green plants are capable of running your PC? I am sure no one of you has not. But one designer who is more concerned about our mother earth, developed a brilliant PC that can work with the energy of green plants. This PC design showcases a whole new concept in PC design. The I/O devices are common here but the processor set up differs completely. As I said this PC runs on plant energy, so basically a planter setup is required. This one is a water proof setup where provision for seeds and soil is provided. You can choose your choice of plants like creepers, flower plants etc. This planter is connected to regular processor setup in the form of slots [see the pictures]. 

All the accessories are inserted in their respective slots and the whole thing is interconnected with the planter setup. All you have to do is to water the plants regularly. By doing so, the water cools the system and later evaporates automatically. This PC needs an electrical connection of course but the planter setup balances the heat generated by the PC. When you own this PC next time, don't forget to water it!!

[Click on the images to view full size]


Designed By Omer Deutsch


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