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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Social Network Blocks!!

Social networks are the easiest way to keep in touch with friends regularly anywhere and any time. But we do keep our contact via desktop computers and mobile phones. Why not try an unique mode and remix the concept social networking? Then you must try Tomodachi Blocks!

3D Mobile Phone!

The era of 3D is running now and we are enjoying it at the fullest. Because, till now, 3D is limited to silver screen itself. And right now we are experiencing 3D televisions. And this technology is being extended to mobile phones too. That means we can make a video call in 3D, we can watch movies in 3D and finally we can experience the phone in 3D. This beautiful mobile phone is being developed by Cobble. It is equipped with 4 inch 16:9 HD screen with cinema display. Adaptive finger tracking technology makes your touch experience smoother. The design is sleek and stylish with dual camera having 3D capturing technology

Balloon collects water from the Sky!!

This balloon project as Skydrops. It is a helium balloon which is intended to collect water from the atmosphere. This balloon is covered with thin metallic sheets which rotates in the wind. When the balloon is made spun in the wind, these metallic sheets cools down in the process of condensation and generates water droplets from the atmosphere. This can fly continuously in the air and can generate 50 litres per day. Very beneficial for campers. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bluetooth Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad from Logitech

Attaching an external keyboard to iPad brings you ease to type anything like on a desktop. But you need to carry a keyboard every time. Instead, Logitech developed a 'Fold-Up keyboard' which can be attached to iPad 2 permanently. It will acts as a protective case and a stand. This Bluetooth keyboard is designed in such a way it is split into two halves. When needed, it turns out into a full sized keyboard and can be folded back after use and will be turned off automatically saving power. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fitness Under Shower

It's usual to take a cool shower after gym in the morning. But, how it could be if we can take shower while doing exercise? Based on this idea, this 'Bana Bender' is developed. This is just a piece of over sized  material which is bendable and elastic integrated with shower outlet. You can do some pull ups as you like with this bender. Helpful for those who feels lazy to go to gym!

The Flying Bike

Vehicles are taking wings these days. Till now, only aeroplanes and helicopters are sources for air travel and people are looking for a personalised air vehicles. Though some millionaires are using their personal flights, but it is a dream for common man because of its huge expenditure to purchase and maintain. So auto-mobile manufacturers are looking forward to design a single seated vehicles that can fly. This bike is named as ParaMoto Trike which is developed very recently. It is a 3 wheeler which runs on roads normally and can take off when needed. It has a parachute that helps ParaMoto to land down. A rear wheel is provided which assists to take directions in the air. So, be ready to race in the skies.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Top 25 Architectural wonders from 2011 Skyscraper Competition

Developing our habitat cleverly in this highly populated globe is much essential to save space and resources. Keeping this in mind, an International Skyscraper Competition was held this year and design prototypes are invited from renowned designers and architects from all over the globe. Three designs were declared as winners for their magnanimous effort and contribution. Browse the extraordinary architectural wonders submitted by world class engineers and architects.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

15 Creative and Weird Products!!

Creativity has no horizons. It develops day by day in every part of life. You only need the courage to experience it! Here are the 15 latest weird and creative products in the market. Browse them and try to use them!

Russian Space Hotel invites Common man for Vaction

Finally the dream of common man is becoming a reality. Till now only a well trained astronaut himself is eligible to touch the skies. For those who fascinates seeing science fiction movies, who desires to watch earth from space can now go and watch. A Russian space hotel is being constructed and may start its services by 2016. A total of seven members can be accommodated at a time and 4 cabins will be allotted to them. A large window shows the outer space with a stunning view of our  blue planet. For a 5 day trip you might be charged a million USD. 

Optical Mouse with Digital Screen

Very brilliant idea to have a LCD digital screen on a optical mouse. Messbon developed an USB optical mouse with 1.5'' digital screen embedded on it to display personalised images which looks wonderful. It has in built 8 MB memory to store images and can be shuffled through the controls provided on the mouse. Buy it soon.

The Tiny Desktop!

Who doesn't fancies with the cutie tutie items? Yes, every one is fond of the tiny things in the world. And that too a tiny desktop? You will fight to own it. What you are seeing is the real desktop computer with monitor the size of a match box and a CPU the size of an eraser and the tiny mouse the size of a ground nut. And a tiny keyboard  with all ASCII keys. You will be amazed to know that this runs on Vista operating system. You can view photos, videos and even presentations! You can even browse the internet too!! I'm not joking..

The Future is Solar Roadways

Solar roads are going to emerge as future roadways to enable energy re-usability. These roads are about to take shape in trial as parking lots to test its compatibility and functionality. And the real plan is to implement them as 12 by 12 wide road lanes which has LED warning system that alerts drivers where ever desired and it can illuminate the roads in the dark. Also the heating system prevents the stagnation of snow and water on the roads. And the main advantage is these roads will generate some energy when vehicles travel over them. Despite of some setbacks these roads can revive the future roadways.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Glance: The Slimmest Pocket Phone

Many people find it difficult and uncomfortable using mobile phones when they are in jeans. The reason is the front pockets are very tight such that we strive hard to insert the phone into the pocket and vice versa. And our problems are going to be resolved soon with the arrival of Glance. It is not only the slimmest phone but its design has something relevant to pockets. It is curved one side which enables us to take out the phone from the pocket easily. Helpful design right? Unveil its features by reading the full post...

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tilt the PC to Backup the Data

Backing up the data is the most essential process to save the most valuable contents you own. What you generally do for backing up the data to any external device? We generally connect a I/O device to the system and follow operating system instructions and backup the data in to it. But with this new tablet PC, backing up is made much more simple. Just tilt the monitor and you can see the data contents flow down to the external device connected to it. This tablet PC saves more room space compared to ordinary PCs. 

Lovers Watch

We can't miss our loved ones when they are apart from us. We used to think of them at every moment and every point of time. If they are a continent away from us, they bear a different time zone. So, this 'Other-Half' watch lets your dear ones feel closer. This watch has two faces, one at the normal position and the other at the  bottom of the wrist strap. These two dials bear two different times of different time zones. So you can think of your loved ones at any time on the go even if they are at different geographical location. This watch looks trendy and stylish which suits professionals as well as students. 

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