Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Flying Bike

Vehicles are taking wings these days. Till now, only aeroplanes and helicopters are sources for air travel and people are looking for a personalised air vehicles. Though some millionaires are using their personal flights, but it is a dream for common man because of its huge expenditure to purchase and maintain. So auto-mobile manufacturers are looking forward to design a single seated vehicles that can fly. This bike is named as ParaMoto Trike which is developed very recently. It is a 3 wheeler which runs on roads normally and can take off when needed. It has a parachute that helps ParaMoto to land down. A rear wheel is provided which assists to take directions in the air. So, be ready to race in the skies.

Designed by Zvezdan Nedeljkovic

Other Flying vehicles:
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  2. Flying Jet Bike
  3. AUDI Shark-The Flying Car


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