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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Chemical free Mosquito Repellant


Mosquitoes generally attract to the carbon dioxide released by humans and hence the reason they developed a liking for us. Based on that principle, this non-chemical based mosquito repellant was designed. This simple vase looking repellant has a vent that emits mild flavour of carbon dioxide which attracts the attention of mosquitoes. When mosquitoes reaches near the aperture, they gets dragged, trapped and gets killed. No chemicals, no electricity.





Saturday, August 03, 2013

Virtual Keyboard Projector cum Mouse

Computer peripherals are getting compacted in size for each and every upgrade. Though speculations are going around regarding the concepts of virtual keyboard, none made it out in the market. Yet another concept of virtual keyboard is out but this is a bit different from its predecessors. This keyboard projector is integrated with a mouse thus eliminating the need of separate mouse any more.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Lamp that lights up with Saline Water

Using water to light up something is a very innovative idea. This time designers have come up with the similar concept of lighting up a lamp using saline water. This lamp consumes saline water to generate required electricity and lights up the lamp. Apart from this, it has a voice operated switch to control the lamp using voice. Lastly, a very environmental friendly lamp with excellent ergonomics.

Ear Clips for Apple Ear Pods

Many of us feel uncomfortable when ear pods slips from our ear very frequently, this is especially observed in Apple ear pods that were launched along with iPhone 5 and iPod Touch. To overcome this problem, designers from Sprngclip, USA designed a customised attachable clip to the ear pods, when worn will provide fine grip to ears which in turn our ear pods becomes very stable in our ears, and also will not be interfered with hats or spectacles.This simple and creative add-on is available for a price of $10 with free shipping offer to Canada and USA residents.

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