Sunday, September 26, 2010

Transparent Speakers

Don't get confused from the title. What you are seeing is true. We all know about numerous designs related to speakers like Sonic Boom, Ultra Sound etc.. But designers from Greensound Technology thought a bit creative. They tried to extract sound from window glass and succeeded!! Hence they made transparent Glass Speakers which looks superb and royal. These suits for luxurious rooms and hotels and many more. Read the full entry to know how it functions.

How it works??

The idea of producing sound seeded first when the designers noticed vibrations on a window glass when any sound hit it. They observed that they can generate sound a full 360 degrees sound from a glass pane. According to the designers, these transparent speakers works based on the vibrations generated from the plates below the speakers. Based on the intensity of vibrations generated through input power, respective sound signal is generated.

They have made speakers available in 2 series.

  • Serac Series
  • Floe Series
These speakers looks really awesome and suite for everything.

Designers: Greensound Technology


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