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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Virtual Treadmill

The major difference between conventional treadmill and this 'Voyage' treadmill is the virtual experience you can get like you are really running on the road. While on a normal treadmill you can only run for minutes and minutes and so on and it was quite boring. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Solar Window Socket

Eco friendly methods are of prime importance these days and this is a welcoming change. We need to find as many alternatives as possible to conventional electric/electronic devices. And coming to this solar window socket, it is a solar plug socket where one can charge or use electrical equipment using it. Read full article to know how it functions.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Electronic Weighing Scoop

With this electronic scoop scale, you can actually measure the calorie count in the food you are going to eat. This appliance is just a breakthrough in the field of diet optimizers which will let you stay healthy by informing you what you are eating. Just take some quantity of whatever food you are going to eat and it will measure the weight of the food as well as the calorie and nutritional information.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hop: The Following Suitcase

Tired of carrying a large suitcase while travelling? Yes, of course every one feels the same when we are planning for a long trip. Despite of enjoying our trip, we get tired of carrying our suitcases where ever we go. For people like us, a smart suitcase named HOP is designed.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Water Purifying Raincoat

A very creative concept, this raincoat holds. Purifying rain water instantly is literally a strange but useful concept for those who lacks pure water in their territory. This raincoat can collect some amount of rain water with the help of tall collars and can be purified via some built-in charcoal filters and some sort of chemical purification.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bluetooth Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad from Logitech

Attaching an external keyboard to iPad brings you ease to type anything like on a desktop. But you need to carry a keyboard every time. Instead, Logitech developed a 'Fold-Up keyboard' which can be attached to iPad 2 permanently. It will acts as a protective case and a stand. This Bluetooth keyboard is designed in such a way it is split into two halves. When needed, it turns out into a full sized keyboard and can be folded back after use and will be turned off automatically saving power. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Top 25 Architectural wonders from 2011 Skyscraper Competition

Developing our habitat cleverly in this highly populated globe is much essential to save space and resources. Keeping this in mind, an International Skyscraper Competition was held this year and design prototypes are invited from renowned designers and architects from all over the globe. Three designs were declared as winners for their magnanimous effort and contribution. Browse the extraordinary architectural wonders submitted by world class engineers and architects.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Future is Solar Roadways

Solar roads are going to emerge as future roadways to enable energy re-usability. These roads are about to take shape in trial as parking lots to test its compatibility and functionality. And the real plan is to implement them as 12 by 12 wide road lanes which has LED warning system that alerts drivers where ever desired and it can illuminate the roads in the dark. Also the heating system prevents the stagnation of snow and water on the roads. And the main advantage is these roads will generate some energy when vehicles travel over them. Despite of some setbacks these roads can revive the future roadways.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Plants Cool your PC with Planter PC


Has anyone of you thought that green plants are capable of running your PC? I am sure no one of you has not. But one designer who is more concerned about our mother earth, developed a brilliant PC that can work with the energy of green plants. This PC design showcases a whole new concept in PC design. The I/O devices are common here but the processor set up differs completely. As I said this PC runs on plant energy, so basically a planter setup is required. This one is a water proof setup where provision for seeds and soil is provided. You can choose your choice of plants like creepers, flower plants etc. This planter is connected to regular processor setup in the form of slots [see the pictures]. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Plantbook: The Oxygen Notebook

This notebook stands as a technological leap towards eco-friendly gadgets. Imagine a notebook which can be rolled and carried away. And the most important thing is it can work with oxygen which eradicates the use of electricity which in turn reduces power and is eco-friendly.
When the notebook is rolled out completely, one can find a tag like structure which is a battery indicator. Of course, charging this notebook is nothing but immersing the notebook in to a bucket of fresh water! The cylindrical part of the notebook is incorporated with the entire mechanism that can use the oxygen in the water to power up the notebook through electrolysis method. And the status of charging can be perceived via indicator tag. If water is not available to you, no worry! This thing can be charged through solar energy too! Quite impressive.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Kitchen waste helps you to cook Food

Recycling is the concept of creating something out of nothing. We can make use of junk material by creating something useful out of it. And this system didn't leave even kitchen junk go waste. Electrolux, a good manufacturer of home appliances designed this kitchen biodigester named Celsius. All this can do is, it can convert the kitchen waste which is organic into heat energy which in turn can be used to cook the food. For this purpose,  the device is equipped with 3 accessories for heating, boiling and juicing purposes. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hubless Bike with a Motor

Designing a bike with out spokes or hubs is an imaginary concept but Synapse made it possible. Though many people believes it cannot be possible real time, one should note that, we are in the world of making things that are impossible as possible. This bike too comes to that sort. Surprisingly you need not use your strength to ride this. Instead, it is equipped with an electric motor to enhance riding capabilities. The wheels are made with very dynamic materials to withstand the friction and the body of the bike is made with bio-genetic materials which is eco-friendly as well as strong.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

EOLE: The Wind Energy Watch

We have solar watches to those who prefer saving energy sources. But we can't imagine a wind watch that can display time by blowing air on it. Don't worry, you need not continuously blow the air to make it charge or something. If you wanna know time at any instance, just blow air gently, and the wheel rotates, then time will be displayed on the icy blue display in digital format. When the wheel is rotated the mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy to display the short visual sequence. With in a few seconds the display will be disappeared to reveal a black dial again.

MacBook of 2020 Concept


Put aside your critical ego for a moment and enjoy designer Tommaso Gecchelin’s vision of an Apple MacBook circa 2020. Keyboards, mice and 2-dimensional screens are passe. Hit the jump for the future.
Envisage a computer nearly paper thin, able to shape shift from metal to plastic. Thanks to molecular manufacturing, a micro-lattice nano material enables you to shrink the dimensions to fit into your pocket. Nano technology miniaturizes familiar technologies into thin sheets of composites, each serving a separate function. One layer is photo voltaic for infinite battery life. One layer projects ultrasound waves for tactile feedback. Another layer works like a pelican cam to capture the real world in 3D while a separate layer works like a holographic emitter. And of course, everything is wireless. No ports, no cables. I only have one question. Will it blend?

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Water powered Lamp

Water generally extinguishes light source but water as a source for lighting is very strange and thinkable concept. This strange concept is made possible by a Japanese designer making an eco friendly lamp. Just feed this lamp with a few drops of water to make it glow for some time. As water is abundant any where (compared to other resources), this lamp serves very well. The key process involved is the usage of a hydroelectric battery which extracts electrical energy from water. The battery is a carbon stick with magnesium powder which is very economical combination making the product quite affordable. The name of this product is WAT.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Transparent TV

Transparency is the current desirable trend most of us are wanting. We came across transparent mobiles, transparent speakers and many other stuff related to transparency that attracted most gadgetians. Transparent TV is similar one in the same row. Transparent TV is a frameless glass piece that can show you the background of the environment when not in use. However it will display solid images when the TV is switched on with high contrast quality picture and with rich color reproduction. This transparent television uses both LCD technology and the latest TOLED technology. Eagerly waiting for it to release in to the market.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Tree Charger

Charging stations are very common at airports, railway stations where a bulk ports are released and many phones and portable devices can be connected in a row. Same concept applied here but with a designer touch. Resulting in a trendy designer 'Tree Charger'. These chargers if kept in a hotel rooms, residences and pubs give really awesome look. The green cords can be pulled out when necessary can can be plugged in to the portable device. The number of devices increase, the color of the light display varies.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stop Here!! Amazing Traffic Light Concepts

A traditional traffic light has 3 lights, red for stop, orange for ready and green for go. We are accustommed to this kind od traffic filtration system from ages. But why can't modify these too with some designer flavour? The same thought occured to some designers who gave a different version to the traffic light phenomenon. and the result is we are going to enjoy these new trend of traffic signals which will make you stare for a while. Read the full post to view the creative work of the modern traffic designers.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

EPOS Lite: World's Lightest Cash Register

EPOS-Lite is the world's lightesr cash register. Inspired by the design of Macbook AIR and iPhone, this gadget is designed especially for restaurants and hotels. EPOS Lite has inbuilt menu items which facilitates the user to save time without typing the menu contents which in turn saves more business time. Just insert a chip which is formatted with the unique prices and the bill will be generated with one click. Another feature is this gadget supports wireless charging when kept on the surface of the table.  So enjoy portable billing without waiting for bill.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


If a phone responds to kinetic movements, then that phone will be the one of easiest usage. Same concept is being attempted by the top brand Nokia as its upcoming project. This phone is officially named as Nokia KINETIC.  Designed especially for business people, this awesome mobile phone responds to notifications through movement. The playful cellphone also features an electromagnet at the base to shift the weight and keep it in an upright position, allowing the user to check the screen of the phone in a playful manner. Just play the phone to access its applications! This phone is expected to release in 2011 all over the world. 

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