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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tap (Faucet) that can save Water!!

A creative and useful product design that can bring showers in the lives of people where there is scarcity of water. A brilliant answer to people who are careless in winding the tap improperly and let the water go waste. This beautiful yet productive water faucet has the capability of limiting water to one liter only. The concept is simple. A fiber tube of 1 liter capacity is equipped along with the faucet that stores the upcoming water. As the capacity of the tube is 1 liter, no water comes out until that liter is consumed. Use that 1 liter of water to unlock another liter. This concept definitely saves water even if you are careless in winding the water tap properly. Use 1 liter to get another liter. Of course the name of this faucet is '1Limit'

Six Wheeled Car

Another crazy sports car in the sports car market. The car with six wheels! Incredibly beautiful design with high accelerating capacity and with quick turning technology, even it has 6 wheels. The name of this car is Covini C6W. This car is equipped with 4 steering wheels which are located at front and 2 rear wheels at back as usual. Additionally, this sports car has an enormous 8 cylinder engine which weighs 2645lbs approximately (1200kg) and can speed up to 300kmph (185 mph). 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spectacular Watch Series from ORBO

Digital watches and analog watches are outdated to geek lovers these days. Also we witnessed analog watch in digital fashion and vice-versa. These series of wrist watches from Orbo comes under the category of digital watch designed in analog mode. A beautifully carved design, which has icon shaped digital plates which shows not only time but also temperature and humidity, date and time, weather forecast etc. And this digital plate is not stationary in the dial, but rotates as the analog watch does. Chronograph and led light will be provided in the watch as usual.

Automated Bicycle Network from SAMSUNG

Samsung bicycle network paves the way for the community sharing. An advanced futuristic bicycle which has GPS screen to locate the routes, transceiver to communicate with the fellow cyclers, a finger print lock system that prevent bicycle theft from intruders and many more. This bicycle concept is mainly  focussed on community sharing and task oriented. Say, a group of people were assigned a mission to find something. People will be scattered in different directions on these bicycles and will be communicated very easily with these cycles. An amazing idea that works well. This design is nominated for Samsung Young Designer Award 2011.

Touchscreen Water Taps

A touch screen controlled water tap that do not possess any mechanical knobs or controls that controls flow of water. It only has an outlet to let the water out.This tap is digitally controlled and electrically powered gadget that is the first and foremost one in the market. Additionally, this digital touch tap has cool sunrise scenery when powered on. It has neat interface controls that has options not only to regulate the flow of water but has controls to regulate the temperature and intensity, images and graphics etc. I think this one is the latest digital design that entered in to the stream of taps and controls. This is named as 'Sunrise Faucet' by the designer.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Lobot: The Lamp Robot

Lobot, the lamp robot is the new generation lamp that function automatically without the involvement of the user. In the normal mode, Lobot can automatically move, revolve, align in the positions predefined by the user. In advanced mode, Lobot can act according to the position of the user. If the user turns his book to left, Lobot stretches to the extent user book is present. Same thing applies to all positions of the user. The body of Lobot is designed with anodized aluminium and made with gliding ease. 

Transparent TV

Transparency is the current desirable trend most of us are wanting. We came across transparent mobiles, transparent speakers and many other stuff related to transparency that attracted most gadgetians. Transparent TV is similar one in the same row. Transparent TV is a frameless glass piece that can show you the background of the environment when not in use. However it will display solid images when the TV is switched on with high contrast quality picture and with rich color reproduction. This transparent television uses both LCD technology and the latest TOLED technology. Eagerly waiting for it to release in to the market.

Mirror that can melt steel!!

A reflector that can melt metals. Sounds terrific. Designed by a 19 year old young scientist cum student, this multiple mirror reflector can melt any kind of metal and almost everything. With this technology we can save power and many resources and machines that are being used now to melt metals. Actually, the concept is simple. The designer used thousands of small mirror blocks to form a dish and he redirected sunlight through it. Resulted in a high power reflector that uses solar energy which costs nothing. This has many advantages such as high power, cost effective and serves very better.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Tree Charger

Charging stations are very common at airports, railway stations where a bulk ports are released and many phones and portable devices can be connected in a row. Same concept applied here but with a designer touch. Resulting in a trendy designer 'Tree Charger'. These chargers if kept in a hotel rooms, residences and pubs give really awesome look. The green cords can be pulled out when necessary can can be plugged in to the portable device. The number of devices increase, the color of the light display varies.

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