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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Plug with UPS

Power backup to desktop computer is essential as sudden disruption to power may lose sensitive data in the computer and in worst case may damage components of PC. We opt for box sized UPS to serve this purpose and it can give a back up of 15-20 minutes depending on the battery. But this compact sized built in UPS plug is a tiny back up assistant that can replenish up to 10 minutes of power.

Space Journey via Balloon

Space journey is a fantasy and of course a distant dream to almost all as it demands not only lumps of money but also mental stability to survive in extreme conditions. Recently, many private organizations are taking initiatives to make this dream possible to us. One such project is this Balloon space journey.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Smart Wallet

Extremely creative and funny, this wallet can move on its own. Paired with your smart phone app, this wallet behaves based on your bank balance. The Smart phone app has predefined modes for this wallet, and if 'Saving Mode' is on, this wallet escapes your touch and flee!! Even if you catch it by force, it will trigger the app to call any of emergency contacts in your phone for help.On the contrary, if you are having sufficient amount in your account, the wallet automatically searches your shopping lists and wish lists and runs towards you.

Automatic Magnetic Zip

Though it is simple, but some times zipping your jacket gets into the nerves. To make this more efficient, single handed magnetic zip is designed. This design might get revolutionary as all it takes is a hand to zip your jacket or clothes.

Smart Mug lets you drink at perfect time!

Based on a simple thermoelectric principle, this Smart Mug lets you know the perfect time to consume your hot beverage. Every beverage has its unique temperature for tasting better and we manually may not  find it right every time. But with this Smart Mug once can have their beverages in their best tastes all the time. This mug has 6 LED indicators which corresponds to different temperature levels, and the appropriate LED will trigger when it reaches ideal temperature to consume your drink.

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