Thursday, August 12, 2010

3D-printed Clothing

3D Technology is the current trend in the world. Every product is being designed based on 3D Technology. We came across 3D movies, 3D Televisions, 3D glasses, and now Clothes through 3D printing. It has been widely applied i the fields of advertising, furniture and electronics. I cant imagine what comes in 3D in coming future!!
Recently 3 designers have collaborated with a 3D printer which can split out fabric structures for clothing. This 3D printer was developed by well known company HP. When certain data is given to the computer, that will be analyzed by a particular software based on the designer's views and available designs. Then the output obtained is the prototype of the design made which is the actual product!

The designers of this product are Jiri Evenhuis, Janne kyttanen and freedom of creation


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