Friday, August 13, 2010

Motion Controlled Robots

Till now we have seen programmed Robots which will work as we program them. We have came across artificial intelligence robots too which will act by analyzing our actions and moves accordingly. For this to happen, scientists keep a variety of actions in their database so they can retrieve according to the situation!!
This is past. The upcoming Robos work based on motion sensor programming! I mean, they work along with our actions. If you can see the picture below, you can notice people moving hands and according to their movements, the robot plays. These robots are termed as Roch 'em sock' em Robots. As we have seen in some movies and videos, you can control your robots with your actions.

The key ingredient in this model is TI's accelerometer which converts our human punches into Rock 'em sock' punches.
To view more about this robot and its performance, catch this video from the link below...

Click Here to see the Video


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