Thursday, August 12, 2010

Maverick Flying Car

Are you determined of flying? Quite ambitious? Not in a position to afford for a flight? Then try a CAR!! I'm not joking.. This is not a flying car like we have seen in Sci-Fi movies and James Bond movies. It is a simple yet affordable car which uses a parachute to stay up in the air where the force to exert high is provided by the thrust of propellers which are installed at the rear end. This car occupies space that a normal car occupies the parachute can be folded neatly at back side and can be used when ever needed. This is superb and economical too.

In order to drive this car, we need to possess Civilian's driver licence as well as S-LSA/E-LSA licence.We are about to see this car in the US skies with in 12 months. this car is under development and further improvements.
So, Are you ready for the go??


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