Saturday, August 14, 2010

Coffee Helmet

Every one knows what is a helmet and why it is used? Till now we used a helmet to protect ourselves from tragic accidents and often from extreme climatic conditions too. But these designers won't sit idle. Their gaze shifted towards this thing and they totally changed its purpose.
Yes. A designer designed a coffee maker which resembles a helmet.
Seeming a cool helmet for boys, this gadget attracts any one who desires to be creative. See the picture below and tell me what's your opinion guys!

The usage of this cute gadget is quite simple. Turn this helmet backside and you will find a slit to open up. There you can feed all your ingredients that are necessary. A heater will be provided inside by default so that hot coffee is made available every time. All you have to do is to add up your ingredients and keep an empty cup inside to collect your coffee and enjoy. You are done!!
As this coffee helmet is made of general helmet material, you can use it portable too.
The designer of this coffee maker is Ilgar Rustamov.


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