Saturday, August 14, 2010

Intelligent Hammer

Many of face a problem while hammering a nail into the wall. The nail does not dig into the wall easily making us intolerable. We often damage our wall with too many holes because we could not identify the proper spot on the wall to hammer the nail. We generally use jumpers to make a hole before hammering the nail actually.
Fortunately, a company detected our difficulties and came up with a solution to that. They designed a hammer which is "Intelligent". You may think what a hammer can do with our difficulties. It can scan the wall for the appropriate spot to insert the nail into the wall easily. Take a look!

All this hammer will do is that, it has a sensor on the tail side which will emit some rays which sense the obstacles through the wall. If it founds no obstacles, the LED which is provided at the back side will blink and we should notice that is the appropriate place to drive the nail through the wall. Coll isn't it?
And this cool gadget costs just $ 29.98.

You can buy it here.
Click Here.


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