Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Polaroid Camcorder Concept

Every one knows Polaroid camera, one of the oldest cameras. It gives photographs instantly. When a snap is taken from a Polaroid camera, the snapshot is printed on the photo paper and generates a photo. As these are just a snapshots, it is possible to get a photograph. But what about a video or a recording? This question paved the way to a new idea that is Polaroid Camcorder. It is just a concept which helps for future innovations based on this idea.

It is an attractive camera that could print movies on a substrate that mimics traditional Polaroid film paper, using the built-in movie printer. The compact size of the movie films also means an easy transportation, enabling the users to take them everywhere in the wallets or pockets. Though having no power buttons, the Movie Polaroid Camera could be easily charged by giving it some shakes, and that’s also used to juice up the films for viewing.

Designer: Kim Hyun Joong

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