Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fastest Car On The Earth

So many race cars have been evolved since the industrial revolution. Youngsters and racers are very much passionate and curious about the race cars, their designs, and their functioning. That is the reason so many games built on the theme racing like Need for Speed are very much popularized. People are curious and anxious about the mileage and the pick up specifications of so many cars and vehicles. The time has come to know about the fastest moving vehicle on the earth ever. I think it's a feast for the racers and speed lovers.

Another incredible fact is that this car does not uses conventional energy sources like petrol and diesel. Instead, this car runs on Lithium ion battery which is eco friendly to atmosphere. The average speed of this vehicle is 293 miles per hour.


This car is not manufactured by any car manufacturing company, but it was designed by Students from Ohio State University.

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