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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seat Belt for Pregnant Women

Existing car seat belts are not ideal for pregnant ladies as the belt induces direct force on stomach and unborn baby. A designer from University of Boston developed a safe and reliable seat belt designed exclusively fro pregnant women. The design is so secure such that it does not produce any kind of force on the stomach. Safe to use!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ecco: The Zero-Emission Mobile Habitat

 In the initial days, we used a vehicle just for traveling. But in the coming future, where we can't get time even to take a suite in a hotel we need a better alternative. Ecco, the conceptual mobile habitat of the future serves the purpose. It can be maneuvered not only as a vehicle but also as a temporary habitat. It is provided with a bathroom capsule, tiny kitchen, living room for 5 people with all necessary facilities such as water supply etc. Coming to looks, it appears to be an alien automobile which looks extravagant and futuristic. And the interested fact is, it is promised as a zero emission vehicle, which means it has no emission of its own and can be charged with a normal 240KW station as fuel. Alternatively, it is provided with dynamic solar panels for solar charging, in case of emergency. Sufficient space for 5 members is provided.  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Six Wheeled Car

Another crazy sports car in the sports car market. The car with six wheels! Incredibly beautiful design with high accelerating capacity and with quick turning technology, even it has 6 wheels. The name of this car is Covini C6W. This car is equipped with 4 steering wheels which are located at front and 2 rear wheels at back as usual. Additionally, this sports car has an enormous 8 cylinder engine which weighs 2645lbs approximately (1200kg) and can speed up to 300kmph (185 mph). 

Friday, January 14, 2011

3 BMW Car Concepts by 2015

BMW is going to unleash 3 models by the end of 2015 as the part of its research and development process. These prototypes are going to be the costliest motor vehicles as of now. Right now BMW is undertaking these projects based on regions and functionalities. The best part is that, these prototypes are being developed by students as a part of the project. BMW is encouraging young talents as the official project work.

Monday, December 13, 2010

AUDI Shark- The Flying Car Concept

AUDI Shark is a futuristic flying vehicle design concept which was being experimented by AUDI. This design follows a streamlined design concept which can fly in jet speed. Most part of the design was inspired from different Hollywood flicks. It got first place in Desire design competition in 2008.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Light Weight Electric Car

Students rocks always. What a car they have made!! You must see it. They are no less than any designers. Yes, students from Automotive Design Studio, a unique class provided by Kansas City based DeLaSalle Education Center for high school students, has created a lightweight electric car that weighs less than 1,200 pounds, which is half the weight of 98% of most electric vehicles. Lets forget weight for some time. This car looks really sexy. Designed on transparent material, this car is an electric car which can give a mileage of 300 miles per gallon. Follow up the remaining post.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Fastest Car On The Earth

So many race cars have been evolved since the industrial revolution. Youngsters and racers are very much passionate and curious about the race cars, their designs, and their functioning. That is the reason so many games built on the theme racing like Need for Speed are very much popularized. People are curious and anxious about the mileage and the pick up specifications of so many cars and vehicles. The time has come to know about the fastest moving vehicle on the earth ever. I think it's a feast for the racers and speed lovers.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Maverick Flying Car

Are you determined of flying? Quite ambitious? Not in a position to afford for a flight? Then try a CAR!! I'm not joking.. This is not a flying car like we have seen in Sci-Fi movies and James Bond movies. It is a simple yet affordable car which uses a parachute to stay up in the air where the force to exert high is provided by the thrust of propellers which are installed at the rear end. This car occupies space that a normal car occupies the parachute can be folded neatly at back side and can be used when ever needed. This is superb and economical too.

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