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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Transparent Speakers

Don't get confused from the title. What you are seeing is true. We all know about numerous designs related to speakers like Sonic Boom, Ultra Sound etc.. But designers from Greensound Technology thought a bit creative. They tried to extract sound from window glass and succeeded!! Hence they made transparent Glass Speakers which looks superb and royal. These suits for luxurious rooms and hotels and many more. Read the full entry to know how it functions.

Bike Without A Chain

I think you all know about a 'Circus Cycle', a single wheel cycle that has pedals attached to the wheel itself. It moves without a chain. Young designers tried the same concept to a big wheeled bicycle with little modifications. Thats it!! We got a brand new bicycle design that runs without a chain!! Incredible isn't it? Actually this design is purely based on fiber material and doesn't require any spare parts that are existing right now.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mini Rescue Tube

Scaling is applicable not only to electronic and electrical appliances, but also to general purpose tools and devices. I hope you are well known about a rescue tube. We opt rescue tubes while we go for fishing or diving to safeguard our dear lives. But generally a rescue tube is made up of a elastic material which expands when gar or air is pumped into it. Managing and maintaining rescue tubes is some what difficult because you need to carry a gas pump along with the rescue bag. It is wastage of space and money. But you need not worry about such things now. Just carry this gadget with you and you are done.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Paper To Pencil Converter

There are many ways to recycle waste paper. We make many articrafts from waste paper and many useful products. But Chinese designers found a unique way of recycling waste papers. They have designed a device which will converts waste papers into pencils. As a part of green revolution, LITE-ON corporation are coming up with innovative and useful appliances.Read the rest of this article to know how this works!! Really interesting!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Time Your Lights with LITE-ON

Saving power and electricity is our primary motto now. Our environment is being deceased day by day and we the habitants on this globe must be responsible to promote eco friendly products. And the designers should be appreciated for their work and contribution in this regard.

We may often go to many buildings and passageways during nights and as we pass through staircases or corridors, we switch on nearby lights and pass the way. Who will switch off the lights? The purpose is of is very little importance, I mean we use the lights for a short span of time but the energy consumed is more. To counter this mishap, designers developed a new gadget i.e; LITE-ON, a timer switch which switch off the connected electrical appliances after a specified time.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Techformation ShowCase Of The Month: Aug 12 - Sep 12

Thanks to all the readers and viewers of Techformation. This is our big month. This is our first and best month ever. Today is the most auspicious day because Techformation completed 1st month of its beautiful blogging journey. Started on September 12th 2010, Techformation started its technological journey aiming at Inventions, Designs, Concepts and Gadgets. Techformation presented you designers' designs and concepts and gadgets all over the world. A total of 32 posts were published in this month among 34 categories.

Control The Phone With Your Brain

This is the new phase of wireless evolution. After the success experiments on Brain Gate System, its applications are emerging worldwide. And the new technology is controlling a phone with the help of your brain signals. It is an excellent wireless technology which will bring a revolution in the coming gadget world. To control a device with your brain signals, here a headset is used. This was developed by XWave. When you wear this headset, it will capture tiny electrical signals from your rain and converts them to signals which can control a phone. Right now this technology is limited to iphones and ipads, but will be extended to other devices soon.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Shockproof Plug Concept

Every one who deals with electrical appliances directly or partially are aware of electric shock due to the faulty connections or loose contacts or broken wire. Actually we may not predict the fault until we get a shock. But, it is not a major problem until it is household power supply. If the same case occurs for an industrial power unit, we may loose our lives too. This is of such serious issue. Now, designers saves the day by inventing a new solution for this problem. That is shockproof electrical wire concept.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Magnetic Suspension Player

Are you bored of hearing songs in ipods and MP3 players? Do you like old objects rather than going for new? Then you must try this Magnetic suspended record player. This one is not an ordinary player, it works analogous the old gramophone record player which plays music using disks. The special feature in this player is the capacity of magnetic suspension. That means if the player starts working, it will inducts some magnetic levitation on the disk and the disk is lifted to the air and starts rotating. And the music plays according to the movements of a ball which acts as stylus.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bus Cum Train - Biway

Biway is a vehicle concept emerged from Michelin Challenge Design 2010. It is an excellent concept which runs on electric energy analogous the current train transport. The speciality in this design is that it is a zero emission public transport which acts individually on city roads as electrical vehicles. But when two or more are combined, they can follow a track and can run like a train. That means, a single bus is a bus which can move on roads. Also if two or more buses are comblned, they can run like a train facilitating more number of passengers. You should note that these run on electrical energy which is eco friendly to some extent.

Heat Water with An Electric Bulb

Confused with the title? What you seen is right. It is a water heater that works with an electric light bulb. Hey, don't sink into thoughts searching for the possibility. Once again, this design is made by a student! Yes, a student (graduate) from Ecole Nationale superieure d' Art et de Design de Saint-Etienne named Estille Sauvage has brought us this fascinating eco friendly design. We all know the power consumption levels of existing water heaters and geysers. We can use this one some times, though it heats little amount of water at a time. Read the rest of the topic to know how it works.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Use Mouse Without it!!

Free your hands! The Mouseless, completely invisible, is an innovative mouse that allows you to interact with the computers as the physical mouse do, while not needing to grapping it (of course you cannot!) It consists of an Infrared (IR) laser beam (with line cap) and an Infrared camera, both of which are built inside the computer. So when the user cups his/her hand on the surface where the computer sits on, a laser beam then appear underneath the hand, allowing him/her to interact with the computers. Really magical, right? This project is the part of Sixth Sense Technology developed by Pranav Mistry, a MITian.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Pen Projector

Projector is very much necessary in this corporate era to make and give any presentations. Projector is a fantastic gadget which will showcase our data to the gathering. But the projector is one which is the size of a big dictionary, need electric connections and some space to keep it in position. These limitations have overcome now by this new Pen Projector. This projector is a portable and small device which works as both pen and projector. Another aspect is this projector is made up of stainless steel.

Light Weight Electric Car

Students rocks always. What a car they have made!! You must see it. They are no less than any designers. Yes, students from Automotive Design Studio, a unique class provided by Kansas City based DeLaSalle Education Center for high school students, has created a lightweight electric car that weighs less than 1,200 pounds, which is half the weight of 98% of most electric vehicles. Lets forget weight for some time. This car looks really sexy. Designed on transparent material, this car is an electric car which can give a mileage of 300 miles per gallon. Follow up the remaining post.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Icon Envelopes

In ancient times we relied only upon postal service. It is the only source of communication in those days. These services include letters of various types, parcels and many modes. Later on after invention of telephones and mobiles, face an pace of communication had undergone a drastic change. And later after launching internet, communication became child's play. E-mails and social networking are present most used communication modes. We don't bother or worry about information sharing right now. Many great people had striven hard to make us taste this delicious fruit. And now, technology advanced one more step. Generally we need a medium to check our mail or any message. Generally we opt for a PC or a mobile phone or some other multimedia device. What if you can see your mail or message right on your desk? This idea led to an amazing concept " Icon Envelope".

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Multipurpose Transformable Bike

How many "kinds" of bikes you are aware of? To this question, you may answer about bikes of various companies of different models and features and specifications. What I am asking is how many kinds of bikes you know that serves for different purposes. Do not get dumbstruck. You listened correctly. Don't confuse that how can a bike performs different functions. But it can. If you still don't believe me, follow up my entry. Though it is named as a bike, it is actually a cycle which can serves not only as a cycle but also as a shopping cart.

Fastest Car On The Earth

So many race cars have been evolved since the industrial revolution. Youngsters and racers are very much passionate and curious about the race cars, their designs, and their functioning. That is the reason so many games built on the theme racing like Need for Speed are very much popularized. People are curious and anxious about the mileage and the pick up specifications of so many cars and vehicles. The time has come to know about the fastest moving vehicle on the earth ever. I think it's a feast for the racers and speed lovers.

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