Sunday, September 12, 2010

Techformation ShowCase Of The Month: Aug 12 - Sep 12

Thanks to all the readers and viewers of Techformation. This is our big month. This is our first and best month ever. Today is the most auspicious day because Techformation completed 1st month of its beautiful blogging journey. Started on September 12th 2010, Techformation started its technological journey aiming at Inventions, Designs, Concepts and Gadgets. Techformation presented you designers' designs and concepts and gadgets all over the world. A total of 32 posts were published in this month among 34 categories.

If you have missed any article being busy, Techformation won't let you that to happen. We are providing you the ShowCase of all posts that were published from the starting of the month.

  1. Do you remember Gulliver Travels?? Giant World
  2. Sony Ericsson-Transformer Phone Concept
  3. Orbital Washing Machine
  4. Maverick Flying Car
  5. 3D-printed Clothing
  6. Motion Controlled Robots
  7. Coffee Helmet
  8. Intelligent Hammer
  9. New generation Scale/Ruler
  10. MIA Electric Flashlight lamp
  11. Digital Reflex Camera
  12. Portable Printer that runs without Ink!!
  13. Transformable Electrical Towers
  14. Know the Time by Counting Ants
  15. Skates with a Motor
  16. Marionette Hanging Clock
  17. Wind up the Mouse to make it function!
  18. Weird Tricycles
  19. Microsoft eVouse Mouse
  20. Swinging Clock
  21. Polaroid Camcorder Concept
  22. Fastest Car On The Earth
  23. Multipurpose Transformable Bike
  24. Icon Envelopes
  25. Light Weight Electric Car
  26. Pen Projector
  27. Use Mouse Without it!!
  28. Heat Water with An Electric Bulb
  29. Bus Cum Train - Biway
  30. Magnetic Suspension Player
  31. Shockproof Plug Concept
  32. Control The Phone With Your Brain

We are very much happy for this month as we have jumped around 25 billion ranks in Alexa. Our current rank worldwide is 200k Alexa. Thanks for your extended support. Stay with us to see more action in the future.


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