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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Puncture Free Tyres!!

Yes, we have entered the generation where no air tubes will be there for tyres. ERW (Energy Return Wheel) has developed unique tyres which do not require traditional periodic air filling. In fact, these tyres are not completely closed. These tyres are made of a special type hard rubber which spreads over carbon rods that manages frictional force. So, get ready to ride on these tyres and enjoy long lasting rides without interruption. Let us hope these tyres extend to heavy vehicles as well.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hangers can clean your Garments!

You can hang your clothes to these hangers, that do not require a full wash. These hangers are equipped with active charcoal beans that can absorb bad odors from your clothes. They do not wash your clothes literally, but can make your garments fresh. We can use them when we need a quick go.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Portable Water Filter

Campers, mountaineers, archaeologists and people who go distant and remote places face one common problem, that is pure water. They carry mineral water along with them which is an extra load. That too, they cannot guarantee it lasts long or it will be sufficient for the entire trip. To solve such kind of problems, LifeStraw is designed.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Inkling from Wacom

Though we got many tools, software, HD cameras to capture and design beautiful images, still we get fascinate by seeing hand made arts and paintings. That is the power of art! But we can experience these paintings only once a while in art galleries somewhere some time. What if you have a device which has a capability to convert your images or your drawings into digital format while you can edit them? Wacom designed same device called 'Inkling' which can digitize your drawings in the same appearance. 

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

iPhone Case that can prints like a Polaroid

Apple iPhone is a sensation in the mobile market. Many accessories are being designed and developed to enhance the capability of the beautiful gadget. Many cases, touch accessories, skins have been developed exclusively for iPhone. Now another useful gadget is conceptualized especially for Apple iPhone. That one is an external shielding case which is capable of printing photos and documents in the miniature format instantly just like a Polaroid camera. This case can also increase the capacity of digital zoom of the camera of iPhone. Smart gadget which saves time and money.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shaving Ring

Ring-shaver is a small, tube-shaped shaver that slips over the finger. In comparison to traditional shaving, Ring-shaver allows a more flexible shaving action. A toggle switch activates the flywheel to provide the necessary driving force. Ring-shaver does not require charging. It saves energy and is easy to carry. Great for sparse facial hair.

Magic Looking Glass Concept

A futuristic magic looking concept which can do miracles when you see through it. Just see a building through it to find the map of the entire building. Just read a book through it to find a meaning of a specific word. See the sky through it to see the data about stars. See the flowers through it to know its scientific name or its uses. See the diet through it to know its composition. See a mobile phone through it to view photos and videos stored it the phone. See an item in the shopping mall to know its price. And this glass is advantageous to the people with hearing disabilities as it can show you the conversation of the people when you look them through the glass. And the applications are endless. It's a miracle glass gadget I've ever seen till now.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Bluetooth iRing

iRing is not just a fashionable gadget that adds beauty to your hand, this is a Bluetooth enabled gadget which is capable of controlling your iPod or iPhone (Apple Media Devices) playback and volume options. Equipped with a stylish touch sensitive OLED display, it can show the status of the iPod or iPhone.  And this iRing can be recharged via USB which works 12 hours when charged once. If you own a iPhone or iPod, you can try this.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Transparent Bubble Camping Tent

Camping should be very memorable and camping with this kind of tent is really fantastic. This is a transparent bubble shaped inflatable camping tent which is made up of general inflatable material but looks transparent. These tents can be equipped with sofas and other stuff to achieve a fun filled camping experience. These are very high in cost and rent. It can be rented for upto $500 per day and $11500 to buy.

Friday, October 01, 2010

USB Clip

Just another creative design from USB makers. Those who use USB are much aware of existing designs of USB flash drives. Recent trends in USB designs occupy smart flash drives itself. I observed very slim and smart flash drives with attractive and beautiful designs. This USB paper clip comes under the same category but with added application. This smart flash drive not only functions as a USB drive but can also be used as a paper clip to hold stationery. Designed and owned by 'Verbatim', they come with really creative and useful design.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Paper To Pencil Converter

There are many ways to recycle waste paper. We make many articrafts from waste paper and many useful products. But Chinese designers found a unique way of recycling waste papers. They have designed a device which will converts waste papers into pencils. As a part of green revolution, LITE-ON corporation are coming up with innovative and useful appliances.Read the rest of this article to know how this works!! Really interesting!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New generation Scale/Ruler

How a ruler looks like? Even a kid can answer this question or he may even show his own ruler from his stationary box!! Every student needs a ruler for his academic purposes from KG to PG. Trend has been changed. The new trend is making things micro sized. From computers to televisions we are obtaining micro versions. The same concept is applied here in the case of a ruler. What if you can draw lines of 30 centimeters or even 50 centimeters with a ruler of 4 centimeters length?? Sounds strange??
Designers modified the size and shape of the ruler concept and brought us a simplified ruler which is very compact, impressive, portable, cost effective and even eco friendly. This one I guess is a trend setter.

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