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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Wash and dry your hands at a time!

We use a separate drying machine to dry our hands after washing. But with this smart and innovative faucet, you can wash and dry your hands simultaneously.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tap (Faucet) that can save Water!!

A creative and useful product design that can bring showers in the lives of people where there is scarcity of water. A brilliant answer to people who are careless in winding the tap improperly and let the water go waste. This beautiful yet productive water faucet has the capability of limiting water to one liter only. The concept is simple. A fiber tube of 1 liter capacity is equipped along with the faucet that stores the upcoming water. As the capacity of the tube is 1 liter, no water comes out until that liter is consumed. Use that 1 liter of water to unlock another liter. This concept definitely saves water even if you are careless in winding the water tap properly. Use 1 liter to get another liter. Of course the name of this faucet is '1Limit'

Friday, February 11, 2011

Touchscreen Water Taps

A touch screen controlled water tap that do not possess any mechanical knobs or controls that controls flow of water. It only has an outlet to let the water out.This tap is digitally controlled and electrically powered gadget that is the first and foremost one in the market. Additionally, this digital touch tap has cool sunrise scenery when powered on. It has neat interface controls that has options not only to regulate the flow of water but has controls to regulate the temperature and intensity, images and graphics etc. I think this one is the latest digital design that entered in to the stream of taps and controls. This is named as 'Sunrise Faucet' by the designer.

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