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Monday, November 22, 2010

Jet Bike that Fly

How many days will you ride bikes on roads? Aren't you feel bored? So try the Jet bike that fly through the skies with amazing speeds. Designed by a Japanese designer, this prototype is under development which takes a while to hit the clouds.

ON AIR Wrist Watch

On Air Wrist Watch is a creative concept which will show time in a unique fashion. This gorgeous and stylish watch looks like analog watch but digital and looks like digital watch but analog. Okay don't get confused. This watch shows time in both digital and analog. If you closely observe, you can see only one hours hand. This is the only mean to show time. From the watch, you can predict that it points to 2. So the time is 2 hours and 'something' minutes. That something is 35 minutes which is shown in digital manner. Observe closely and you will notice the creativity.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

3D Palm Top

3D movie experience is now a common thing in the view of entertainment. 3D movies show casts different presentation in visualizing the show and this mania spread to mobile phones and palm tops too. But you may get doubt how the mobile phone shows a 3D picture. This palm top presents the normal  picture into 3D by using three alternative reflector screens which enables to view a normal image  in 3D. This unique gadget was exhibited in International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011 which is officially named as V2_.  And people call it Palmtop Theater. And the flexibility is you can use the same setup in your iphone or ipad and experience the 3D!

Drive a Plane Yourself!!

Obviously, every one may not get a chance to drive a plane. If you have strong desire to drive a plane and your physical constraints dragged you down, either eye sight or physical fitness, there is no need now to get disappointed. MAACS project helps you to fulfill your flying dream. MAACS refers to Moving Axis Aircraft Simulator. This is similar to virtual driving. Recently we heard of learning driving virtually and this belongs to that category. Actually you don't drive the plane but you feel it. It has all equipment which makes the driver feels he is driving actually. The plane tilts in all directions when you operate in respective direction providing you genuine aircraft driving experience.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

8+ Unusual Bicycles

How many kinds of bicycles you are aware of? Mostly 3 or if you constantly surf the web, the count my be 5. But I am showing you more than 8 unique and weird bicycle types that you probably do not know even they existed. 

Bicycle Air Filling Station

We came across air filling stations for bikes, which can be available at fuel or gas stations some how. And fuel stations for all 2 and above wheeler vehicles. But imagine a air refilling station for bicycle at regular places near by pedestrian paths and cycle tracks. We can stop by and fill the in the tube. Actually this is a conceptual idea which when implemented in metropolitan cities in low traffic regions gives wonderful results. It is rather a great development

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bottle Cap Ornaments

Ornaments and jewelry not only meant for gold or platinum or diamonds. Youth deposited wearing all such traditional stuff many days ago. They are searching for weird and creative designs, sometimes they are ignoring price and brand value too. If you are of such category, these bottle cap jewelry belongs to you. These designs are made from worn beverages caps. Looking not only creative but are trendy and attractive too. So buy and try at least once.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Creative 3D Pencil Art

Artwork never goes down. And 3D paintings are marvelous to watch. They bind our vision with their charismatic  work and draw our attention with their mysterious creativity. And now one designer adopted 3D works through pencil on white paper which looks really amazing and weird too. Check out these cool works of him and you I am sure your jaws will be dropped. You can't wait to apprise him. 

Credit Card for Blind

I always wondered how a blind person can do shopping or pay cash with out knowing how much he is paying. Of course he may take the help of some one but every time a second person may not be available. In such cases this credit card is a boon for them. Designed especially for blind, this electronic card is equipped with braille language which helps blind people to recognize how much the transaction is made and what are the items on the list. Additional feature is the built-in speaker which will tell the transaction details.

Hand Counting Machine

In olden days, we used to count the currency manually which takes long time with many efforts. With the advancement of technology, and development in electronics, we got a counting machine which can count the cash when the bundle is kept inside. Actually the concept used is installation of a simple counter which counts with the touch resistant sensor. When the currency note touches the sensor, the count increments by one and the flow begins. This is the concept of counting machine.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Techformation ShowCase Of the Month: Oct 12 to Nov 12 2010

We were awestruck by the overwhelming response towards Techformation. We really owe to all my readers and visitors. Techformation completed its third month of its blogging journey and heading towards a gigantic level. Though the posts and content presented in this month are a bit low, we got a good number of visitors and my rankings too got very high. We convey our sincere apologies for presenting you less posts due to some techincal problems, and we assure you that you can't wait to ping Techformation further.


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