Monday, January 24, 2011

Dual Touch Screen Phone

Days were gone where people searched a mobile phone for its features. Now everyone is finding a geek in themselves. We need gadgets that exhibits innovation, that shows creativity and finally that one should not be a normal thing. According to our fast changing tastes and preferences, new era of gadgets are evolving. Mobile Script is such a gadget which is quiet different from a normal mobile phone. Because it has dual touch screen, one is displayed and another one is hidden. The hidden diagonal internal screen can be dragged outside like a script page. Hence the name Mobile Script. At a glance it looks like a TV remote, it is trendy and easy to carry.


karthik said...

hey nice phone its media further is excellent
when well it come in to Indian market how much its cost send a mail to [email protected]

Sainath(Admin) said...

Of course karthik. This phone design is the winner of RED-DOT design competetion. Soon it will be made available commercially.

bujji said...

I am waiting eagerly for its release. Design is awesome........

siddharth said...

no such phone. just made through animation.

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