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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Polaroid Camcorder Concept

Every one knows Polaroid camera, one of the oldest cameras. It gives photographs instantly. When a snap is taken from a Polaroid camera, the snapshot is printed on the photo paper and generates a photo. As these are just a snapshots, it is possible to get a photograph. But what about a video or a recording? This question paved the way to a new idea that is Polaroid Camcorder. It is just a concept which helps for future innovations based on this idea.

Swinging Clock

You may say that swinging clock is an old concept which has been applied since years, a mechanism which works using a small pendulum. But this clock what I am showing you is a bit different. The traditional clocks has a swinging part supported by the stationary clock What I mean is the clock is stationary but the hanging part swings. We have several designs in this regard. But the designers have come up with another concept, the dial plate of the clock keeps swinging and the internal structure remains stationary as in the picture shown and its hands rotate slowly.

Microsoft eVouse Mouse

Computer peripherals are taking their shape differently day by day. The era where a Mouse functions differently have been passed. Instead, mice which looks differently are creating hype in the computer market. We have got a different mouse which serves for multi purposes. This mouse from Microsoft works not only as a normal mouse but also as a digital recognition pen used to make various design prototypes. As you see the mouse, it is designed specifically for designers. This is a wireless mouse which can be used for laptops. It also functions as a pen sensor which can create 3D designs. This mouse which adopts eVouse concept is defineatly a specifical gadget.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weird Tricycles

I think this is the first step in the field of cycles design. Till now we don't see any progress in cycles design. But new models are arriving with slight modifications but have no complete change in design. Time has come to see and also experience a new way of cycling. Having understood our intentions, designer Sergio Garcia designed new prototypes of Tricycles in the market. These look not only stunning but also weird. These are the two models that are designed by him recently. One is the two way riding tricycle and another one is totally different one, which connects the seat and the handlebar using a round metal.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wind up the Mouse to make it function!

Looks like all the computer manufacturers are reviving their childhood memories. They seem to be fascinating about the toys which they played in their childhood, the toys which work by winding them with a key. It is the mechanism to initiate a mechanical rotor in order to make it move with a certain speed. Logitech, which is renowned for its computer peripherals came with a innovative mouse which works based on this keying principle. This is a wireless mouse which works with no power. The name of this mouse is Sustail. So this mouse works only on mechanical energy wirelessly. So just wind the Sustail to make it ready for work.

Marionette Hanging Clock

Korean designer Jongchul Kim is very much passionate about designing many kind of conceptual watches since his childhood. His previous designs include Robotic hands clock and Bungee jump mint clock. His latest design is yet another conceptual and much mechanical too. It is Marionette Hanging Clock. It has only one hand to indicate time and two toy creatures moving in their unicycles to move the hand. You may become fascinated by viewing this time piece. Because it is worth fascinating!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Skates with a Motor

Are you a skater? Do you possess a daily habit of skating? Are you a professional skater? Then this article belongs to you. Skaters enjoy a joyful ride in the early morning weather on the roads. In these days of heavy traffic, can you prefer a car or other vehicle on highways to your college? Opting these kind of shoes offers not only change but also saves your time and energy. Because these are special skates equipped with a motor. This motor helps you to move on smooth roads at a speed of 21.7 kmph. Any one not exceeding 133 kg can use these shoes. Using a Lithium ion rechargeable battery this motor generates 500W of power to achieve this speed.

Know the Time by Counting Ants

Hanging Time pieces gone, Analog watches gone, Digital watches gone and the stage is set for a new trend watch There is no hours hand, no minutes hand, no seconds hand. There are only ants in the watch. Sounds strange isn't it? But it is true. You can doubt that how can we know the time by counting ants? And what is this ants concept related to a watch? Read the rest of this entry to know more.

Transformable Electrical Towers

Designers cannot afford to see things around them commonly. They make changes to every aspect and everything. How the electrical towers looks like? In the shape of Eiffel tower right? All these towers look alike with heavy iron grids with a few meters height. Are you sure that the present existing towers will move? Or will they change positions? No. But the designers have changed the concept entirely. The new towers they designed looks like human figures resembling giants. Another dumbstruck aspect is that these towers are capable of changing their shape and size and position according to the environmental conditions. If you still don't believe me, check out this entry.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Portable Printer that runs without Ink!!

How many kinds of printers do you know? Dotmatrix printer, Inkjet Printer, Laser Printer etc etc. Are you aware of a printer that works without ink? Yes, it's true. PlanOn's Printstik PS905 is the slim, portable printer uses no ink to print pages. Another amazing fact is that you need not connect it to any power supply outlet. It uses rechargeable batteries to print pages.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Digital Reflex Camera

Many miniature cameras are being developed by so many manufacturers across the world. We are currently experiencing the digital era which has all the products digitized. And the cameras are eye catching and awesome with stunning features and unbelievable technologies. Starting from an ordinary flashlight camera which is capable of taking a little snap of the view to the highly featured digital camera which can capture the distance of hundreds of meters and face recognition technologies, we crossed many kinds of digicams. And this one I am showing you is a digital reflex camera (DSLR) which can create you an entirely different experience of photography.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MIA Electric Flashlight lamp

Environmentalists and researchers are shouting daily about the tragic effects of global warming. Every peace organization are struggling to suggest us to save power and conserve energy by using eco friendly products. This is another flashlight in the row with exciting new features.

In the general flashlights that we observe daily, you can open it from the back and load the batteries and use it. But this MIA electric flashlight is quite different except for the opening. You can split it open into two halves where there are two modes of power supply to ignite this flashlight.
  • One is solar power
  • Another is electrical power.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New generation Scale/Ruler

How a ruler looks like? Even a kid can answer this question or he may even show his own ruler from his stationary box!! Every student needs a ruler for his academic purposes from KG to PG. Trend has been changed. The new trend is making things micro sized. From computers to televisions we are obtaining micro versions. The same concept is applied here in the case of a ruler. What if you can draw lines of 30 centimeters or even 50 centimeters with a ruler of 4 centimeters length?? Sounds strange??
Designers modified the size and shape of the ruler concept and brought us a simplified ruler which is very compact, impressive, portable, cost effective and even eco friendly. This one I guess is a trend setter.

Intelligent Hammer

Many of face a problem while hammering a nail into the wall. The nail does not dig into the wall easily making us intolerable. We often damage our wall with too many holes because we could not identify the proper spot on the wall to hammer the nail. We generally use jumpers to make a hole before hammering the nail actually.
Fortunately, a company detected our difficulties and came up with a solution to that. They designed a hammer which is "Intelligent". You may think what a hammer can do with our difficulties. It can scan the wall for the appropriate spot to insert the nail into the wall easily. Take a look!

Coffee Helmet

Every one knows what is a helmet and why it is used? Till now we used a helmet to protect ourselves from tragic accidents and often from extreme climatic conditions too. But these designers won't sit idle. Their gaze shifted towards this thing and they totally changed its purpose.
Yes. A designer designed a coffee maker which resembles a helmet.
Seeming a cool helmet for boys, this gadget attracts any one who desires to be creative. See the picture below and tell me what's your opinion guys!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Motion Controlled Robots

Till now we have seen programmed Robots which will work as we program them. We have came across artificial intelligence robots too which will act by analyzing our actions and moves accordingly. For this to happen, scientists keep a variety of actions in their database so they can retrieve according to the situation!!
This is past. The upcoming Robos work based on motion sensor programming! I mean, they work along with our actions. If you can see the picture below, you can notice people moving hands and according to their movements, the robot plays. These robots are termed as Roch 'em sock' em Robots. As we have seen in some movies and videos, you can control your robots with your actions.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

3D-printed Clothing

3D Technology is the current trend in the world. Every product is being designed based on 3D Technology. We came across 3D movies, 3D Televisions, 3D glasses, and now Clothes through 3D printing. It has been widely applied i the fields of advertising, furniture and electronics. I cant imagine what comes in 3D in coming future!!
Recently 3 designers have collaborated with a 3D printer which can split out fabric structures for clothing. This 3D printer was developed by well known company HP. When certain data is given to the computer, that will be analyzed by a particular software based on the designer's views and available designs. Then the output obtained is the prototype of the design made which is the actual product!

Maverick Flying Car

Are you determined of flying? Quite ambitious? Not in a position to afford for a flight? Then try a CAR!! I'm not joking.. This is not a flying car like we have seen in Sci-Fi movies and James Bond movies. It is a simple yet affordable car which uses a parachute to stay up in the air where the force to exert high is provided by the thrust of propellers which are installed at the rear end. This car occupies space that a normal car occupies the parachute can be folded neatly at back side and can be used when ever needed. This is superb and economical too.

Orbital Washing Machine

We have came across different kinds of washing machines throughout our life starting from front load, top load, automatic, talkable, sensible and so on. And now the new trend comes ie; Orbital Washing Machine.
Orbital Washing Machine, which takes the very name from the fact that it has a spherical drum spinning on two axes, is an eco-friendly home appliance that would save you great amounts of water and energy. When the machine works, its spherical drum will spin on the two axes to move the clothes in all directions so that they can get washed with little energy and water. Besides, the spherical drum can also be used as a laundry hamper for dirty clothes as it is removable.

Sony Ericsson-Transformer Phone Concept

We've seen Transformers movie where cars transforms themselves to a customized manner. Through animations we can experience those kind of stunts on screens. But we cannot experience them really. What if the same concept is applied to a mobile phone? Sounds fantastic right? Check them below and see the creation of the designer!!
Sony Ericsson which is renowned with its stylish handsets, now comes up with its amazing modelSony Ericsson F-H.

Do you remember Gulliver Travels?? Giant World

Guys I suppose many of you are aware of Gulliver's Travels, a fictional novel which is one of the bestseller of 19th century. In that novel Gulliver explored the dark continents of the globe where people are giants and even the plants and nature too.
Todays' designers remembered those and crept to strange idea of designing a unique giant world and experience the savage of it..
If you still don't believe what I am saying, take a look at these..

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