Time Your Lights with LITE-ON

Saving power and electricity is our primary motto now. Our environment is being deceased day by day and we the habitants on this globe must be responsible to promote eco friendly products. And the designers should be appreciated for their work and contribution in this regard.

We may often go to many buildings and passageways during nights and as we pass through staircases or corridors, we switch on nearby lights and pass the way. Who will switch off the lights? The purpose is of is very little importance, I mean we use the lights for a short span of time but the energy consumed is more. To counter this mishap, designers developed a new gadget i.e; LITE-ON, a timer switch which switch off the connected electrical appliances after a specified time.

How it works?

LITE-ON works on hour glass concept. Here, instead of sand, LED lights takes their place. If any one switches nearby lights and activate LITE-ON by rotating the handle to 180 degrees, the device activates and the LED lights starts flowing down. After some specified time the LED lights flows down completely and the surrounding lights switches off automatically. This is wonderful concept which saves power and energy.

Designers: Jia Wing Chen, Wei-Ting Chen

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