New generation Scale/Ruler

How a ruler looks like? Even a kid can answer this question or he may even show his own ruler from his stationary box!! Every student needs a ruler for his academic purposes from KG to PG. Trend has been changed. The new trend is making things micro sized. From computers to televisions we are obtaining micro versions. The same concept is applied here in the case of a ruler. What if you can draw lines of 30 centimeters or even 50 centimeters with a ruler of 4 centimeters length?? Sounds strange??
Designers modified the size and shape of the ruler concept and brought us a simplified ruler which is very compact, impressive, portable, cost effective and even eco friendly. This one I guess is a trend setter.

How can we use this?
Every one knows a geometry compass which is used to draw circles and measure angles. You can see the compass in the above picture too. We insert the pencil into the compass and fit to the position and use it. In the same way, this instrument is also used. Just insert the pencil into it and you are done. You can draw straight lines now with your free hand. Nor ruler is required. As it is bent to 45 degrees angle, it serves the purpose. You may think it cannot measure the distance like the normal ruler. You can set the measurement on the screen at the top and draw lines accordingly!


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